Liquid Hand Wash
~Aloe Vera~

Leave your hands feeling soft and smooth with sensation of Aloe Vera.

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AquaVera® Liquid Hand Wash – Aloe Vera – 500 mL

Leave your hands feeling soft and smooth with the light scent and sensation of Aloe Vera. This delicately soft scent is invigorating, soothing and supremely relaxing. Gentle pH balanced formula cleanse your hands and help to leave it soft and smooth.

Refreshing Scents That Touch Your Senses

◆ Hygiene For Daily Routine
◆ Feel The Relief
◆ Clean & Soft

Liquid hand wash is generally recommended over bar soap for cleaning your hands. Liquid hand wash is easy to use and will not spread germs from one person to another. Aqua Vera Liquid hand wash also include a moisturizing agent, so your hands may not dry out as quickly from frequently cleaning your hands.

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Dimensions 20 × 35,4 × 17,8 cm
Serving Size

500 mL


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